Vegan Burger (9 Patties): Vege Caliente

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Vege Caliente: Original, Mexican Flavors With A Vegan Twist

The most common complaint among those following a vegan or paleo diet is the lack of options when it comes to quick, easy to prepare meals and comfort food.

The market is void of healthful, high quality products, which would combine the best natural ingredients without cutting back on flavor.

But Not Anymore!

Vege Caliente is a prime choice for anyone on the lookout for high quality, easy to prepare, palate-expanding, nutritious vegan food!

Delightfully Spicy

A handpicked blend of bell, jalapeno and chipotle peppers are masterfully incorporated into the Vege Caliente mix. Each retains its flavor particles from plant to bag, ensuring that you get the most out of each pepper’s distinct taste profile.

Vege Caliente stands out from the competition as it is the only mix that can provide you with original, Mexican flavors, without the addition of any harmful chemicals or food allergens!

Purely Vegan

Vegan Burger is produced in a vegan and kosher certified facility.

Organize vegan cookouts or BBQ parties and treat your friends and family to a Mexican food fiesta!

Prepare your favorite vegan Mexican salsa and dip recipes to accompany your vegan burgers and we can guarantee you that even non-vegans will love your Mexican feast!

Start Enjoying Vegan Food The Way You Deserve!

What Are You Waiting For, Then?

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Vegan Burger is a delicious, 1-year shelf stable, and easy to prepare dry mix. It all starts with hearty gluten-free oats, organic brown rice, freshly dried vegetables, and finishes with savory black beans, green peas, and pinto beans. Always non-GMO, kosher, soy and nut free.