Solo Stove Tripod

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Your campfire meal doesn’t have to be burnt offerings.

Now you can use Solo Stove Tripod to cook over your camp stove with precision.


Product Features:


Made of anodized aluminum.

Elevate your campfire cuisine

Tripod adds a whole new dimension to your campfire cooking experience. It’s adjustable hang chain lets you lower your pot closer to the fire so you can bring signature soups and stews to a boil or move them farther from the fire when it’s time to simmer. Tripod works perfectly in conjunction with Pot 1800, Pot 4000, or 2 Pot Set over your Titan or Campfire camp stove.

Its tapered legs can be pushed into the ground for added stability when cooking on soft or rough terrain. Lightweight and compact, Tripod is easy to set up, disassemble, and stash into the included stuff sack.

Solo Stove Tripod and stuff sack only. Other products not included.