My name is Dustin, and I am the owner of Vegan Survival Foods. I became interested in veganism after doing research for a report for a business class in college. After learning about some of the factory farming practices, I knew a vegan lifestyle was the right choice. 

I combined my love of animals and the outdoors, so other like minded people can have a place to get some of the essential food and gear they need for prepping or camping.

Why Vegan Emergency Foods?

Mainly, to make it easy for vegans to have options for long-term food storage. There are few vegan emergency food storage options that are pre-packaged and ready to go when you need them. Alternatively, there are countless food storage options for non-vegans. However, basically what you are getting is a bag of suffering that lasts 10+ years. 

And, let's be honest. We all know vegetables don't last very long on the counter or stuffed in the back of your produce drawer to be forgotten about. Especially if there is no power after a natural disaster. That's why it is important to stock up on some of the great vegan emergency food, so your family will have food on the table if the grid goes down.

The Mission

For The People

Provide healthy, ethically sourced, long term food storage for plant based lifestyles and provide quality survival gear that will get you through any scenario, whether weekend camping or prepping for a disaster.

For The Animals

Promote animal rights and help end animal suffering by raising awareness to the common practices of factory farms and the overall benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Consider visiting the blog for more information on veganism, camping, and just stuff in general.